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  • still, The Recipe is a better song...

    so I know it's still pretty damn early, but based on first impressions, what did you think was better - Section.80 or Good Kid M.A.A.D City?
    Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst... wow, epitome of Kendrick's story-telling ability?

    Money Trees and Poetic Justice (even Drake sounds good with K.Dot :o) were my favorites.

    I was afraid Kendrick might go full commercial, club-friendly after he released Swimming Pools (which gets more and more awesome every time I listen to it), but nice to see he stayed true to himself, emphasizing more on story-telling.

    Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe, Good Kid, M.A.A.D City (reminded me of a recent Kanye song) were great as well.

    most relatable song for me was The Art of Peer Pressure. awesome story.

    kinda surprised Compton got in ahead of The Recipe. I thought the latter was great while the former was just meh.
    Accounting is a strong subject from what my teachers tell me. I dropped ICT. so now I have two strong subjects (Econ, Accounts) and one niche subject (Business). not that bad.

    really regretting my impulsive decision to do ICT (useless is not the word) instead of Maths. :head:

    I'll have to do 3 part-time jobs to survive without a scholarship. :lol:

    I guess what my friends were trying to tell me was that after living a leisurely life in an island, with your family and/or good friends just minutes away, little security worries (though this has changed a lot in the past decade), financially set with little worry about spending your heart's worth (because prices are so low compared to you developed nations). and I think the general atmosphere, the people's attitudes, culture, all will also be very different.

    and finally, the weather. I have heard enough about the infamous British weather to know I'll infinitely prefer the Sub-tropical sun. :tongue:
    AAB is a minimum for me. I'm looking for the A*A*A scholarships. :o

    hmmm a lot of people say that England is pretty boring. :devilehh:

    and a couple of friends said that most cities in England just are't suited for an 'island boy' like myself.
    lol I'm applying for the Nottingham Uni Malaysia campus.

    tho there's always the exchange program so you and I meet one day after all. :D
    yea, Higher was nice. Bliss and Sin City, honestly, nothing special. had to listen to it again to remember.

    btw, how good is Uni of Nottingham?
    could have sworn I replied ealier.

    Cruel Summer was just OK for me. Kanye himself was good, but I just didn't feel it with most of the featured artists. tho R.Kelly had a great cameo.

    Clique is a nice, modern song. nothing spectacular or groundbreaking, but a nice song to listen to once in a while.

    Mercy sounds annoying to me.
    already started this Monday. got a shock when i found out 15 students (including my best friend and some very close friends) were getting cut due to bad grades.

    this year is going to suck for me. :cry:
    Thanks, but I'll pass it...

    I'm not much into that game. Better not start it than do and be inactive after :D
    Yeah it's pretty cool :) Nice subjects! I did English and History too and they were both awesome, especially English.

    I will look into it!
    Haha thanks :D They're actually ludicrously generous with financial aid so it's working out cheaper than if I were staying in the UK! Oh cool, good luck with your A2s :) What subjects are you doing?

    I may check it out yeah. I should be around here a lot for a while so I'll have the time to play at least :tongue:
    Ooh what does it involve? I actually didn't apply in the end, I went for US unis only and I'm going to Princeton next year :) How are things with you?
    A in Accounts (and 90% so an A*! :eek:) which pretty much surprised the shit out of me because it was hard as fuck.

    managed to scrape past an A in Econ as well with 70 in one paper and 90 in the other. decent result considering this is my main subject but i would've definitely like marks higher than the low 80s.

    B is Business. I expect only a few people to get A's in since the marking is just ridiculously strict. sad cos my teacher really really believed i could get an A (i am her star pupil :D).

    juuuust managed a B in ICT which was a bit of a let down since it's pretty easy. not that disappointed tho since i'm pretty much going to drop it next year. i blame my teacher who said my project was good enough for an A when i got a 51/100 instead. :fp:

    nice enough results for me but the reactions i'll get because i'm expected to be a straight A student (by friends, family and school alike) is gonna suck. :/
    you know i'm talking about population rite?

    because if you're talking about winning medals according to the actual landmass of a country being a significant achievement, well... :lol:
    how about 22nd largest in the world, 3rd in Europe? :rolleyes:

    on a side note, do you know your ancient ethnicity? as in Norman, Saxon, Celtic... etc?
    only have one Olympic channel. :/

    now they're showing freakishly huge women weight-lifting (and breaking records!).

    you all are gonna end up comfortably 3rd.
    I can't think of no more. :tongue:

    watching your Team GB win two medals in gymnastics.

    Princess Kate in the audience. sooooo dreamy. :congolovegif:
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