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  • i have no particular choice for home or away... i just want one home , one away with these players i mentioned(senatores :D) only nesta(any jersey is a must for me..) i'd be disappointed of if he gets only attackers like pato/zlatan/ i wouldnt mind tsilly jersey if senatores not available :(
    hmm..i am not interested in buying zlatan/pato jersey. pirlo aint there this year. i wouldnt mind getting inzaghi jersey . lets see what else he would get. Actually for me nesta jersey is a must. if he doesnt have that then no point...
    lol ...Anyway tell me as soon as you get hold of the jerseys....i hope your dealer gets away ones does the system work are jerseys of some players available or i can get anything i want..i want nesta and seedorf jersey..1 home , 1 away...
    i wouldnt mind inzaghi also if one of these not available..
    i won sports ent :D came 4th or 5th in india quiz(dont rem) and missed out qualifying by half a mark in sorcerer of intellect
    Originally from Kochi, where people love Football more than Cricket ;).. Working in Gurgaon right now. And you?
    i came to revels only for the quizzes man(am a geek:fp:) :D not into death metal...i plan on doing mba sometime but i hope to get a bit more work experience before i venture into that
    i am gonna take u up on that offer. that is just GOLD!. just inform me when u u get the stuff.,..i am doing in internship in cisco and i stand to get like 50k for it planning to get a couple of jerseys...just keep me informed when the stock comes. Making the manipal trip is not hard. i had come for revels...
    i have been following milan since early 2001-02 ish.. started with a few matches here and there and then more full blooded following when i reached my mid-teens ...
    Well, Ganso is the modern version of Rui Costa, have seen him play quite a few times now and hes a special talent. Fabregas, of course is the ultimate wet dream but a difficult target for us. Lets see, long mercato ahead of us ;)
    I used to live in Bangalore, went to school there ;)

    Yeah, i will make the effort but i kinda hate watching streams but yeah ill give it a go for Ganso :)

    Im guessing you will be up watching as well, its at 6:20 right?
    I dont really have a 'home' in India, iv moved around the last few years. At present im in Gujarat. What about you?
    What's up man, it's been a while, hope you've been having fun?
    I almost thought you've been exiled from the forum until I found out you changed from ''banana'' to ''nobody cares'', any reason for the change?lol
    Man, long time, how's it been with you? How is school, family, everything? ... O thank goodness you've changed that ''banana'' thing to ''nobody cares'', any reason for the change?lol.
    hey! good to know there are more passionate milanistas in India! Which city you from?
    Nope, I wasn't awake when we played (good thing, there were too many sharp objects around me).

    I doubt my presence would have done much, but now we have a new goal in scudetto. :)
    Haha, no I don't think you're a stalker. :tongue: But I can tell you that I don't have a Facebook.
    don't mind man, i wasn't insulting you. but don't call him an "english twat" as it does seem to lump together people. please just call him a "manutd twat" or something similar. :D

    but it's all cool. :)
    Well Nigeria is still same for same people on same locations. For me & Lagos, it's hot in d day & cool at nights.
    Of cuz, we'll or I wld try as much as I always by being myself. Yea, not so close as in locations; considering India(Asia)-Nigeria(Afica). Well, I have been a Milan fan from when I neither understand football nor the Club. I luvd Milan for some reasons I culd nt xplain. For e.g, in my country, it is rare to find Milan fans & so people who support Milan do so based on reasons beyond ''fine football''. For example me; my name is A.C Darlington. Some people just love their colour, ROSSO & NERO( people like me) But I can say I hav been an active Milan for a long time now. I am 20 yrs of age, 1.88M tall, first of three...bla bla A.C Milan fan. I wld also want wnt 2 knw this litle about you, wld you?
    What up friend? Hp you're enjoying urself as much as I am cuz I am really enjoying myself. Sorry we haven't made n proper acquintances & so Darlington wld want to knw U more & get 2 knw d specie of banana U belong to( ha ha), wldn't that b nice, u knw, getting closer?
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