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AC_Wesley 05-10-2014 22:31

Italian Football Thread III
Carry on.

Sage 05-10-2014 22:33

mazzari :lol:

AC_Wesley 05-10-2014 22:35


Originally Posted by Sage (Post 2173251)
I would say sack him, but knowing inter they'll probably hire seedorf :lol:

Do it! :lol:

rurarurararu 05-10-2014 22:46

4th for Juve fans are disgusting.

bacon d'or 05-10-2014 23:26

reserved for meelan :honda:

jammin 06-10-2014 01:09


Originally Posted by Sage (Post 2173257)
mazzari :lol:

Sack his ass! He bring disgrace to Lombardy! :mad:

necromancer 06-10-2014 10:21

Ah the brand new thread where Serie A will regain lost glory. #CoefficientForce #CalcioMoltoBene

Mazzarri - love him so much.

A Seedorf hire would be epic.

Jasper 06-10-2014 11:01


If Napoli finished 3rd in Serie A and won the EL then the fourth placed team in Serie A would get a playoff for CL.

derpu 06-10-2014 13:13

forza Inter

MilanMB 06-10-2014 13:16


Originally Posted by derpu (Post 2173346)
forza Inter


or still? :eek:

Soldier_of_god 06-10-2014 13:21

inter is the second greatest club of italy.

Tadej 06-10-2014 13:25


Originally Posted by derpu (Post 2173346)
forza Inter


Originally Posted by milan_swagger (Post 2173348)
inter is the second greatest club of italy.


derpu 06-10-2014 13:38


Originally Posted by MilanMB (Post 2173347)

or still? :eek:

It's a season long thing, so yeah :devilcon:

Soldier_of_god 06-10-2014 13:42

1. milan
2. inter
3. jube
4. Roma
5. napoli

atleast inter doesnt cheat as much as rube.

dcfcfan1 06-10-2014 13:45

So basically if an italian team wins EL we are fucked?

Az. 06-10-2014 13:58


Originally Posted by Jasper (Post 2173333)

Sod-Lod 06-10-2014 14:16

KujaIX 06-10-2014 14:22

We're in a good position.

5th behind two teams that are almost certain to fall off, and with us already having played Juventus, Parma and Lazio - teams that usually give us trouble.

If we can get 12 points from Verona, Fiorentina, Cagliari, Palermo and Samp, that'd be a good total.

Soldier_of_god 06-10-2014 14:31

fiorentina will be a stern test. they are imo better than us especially if they have rossi available but we they aren't unbeatable.

Yoann Gourcuff 06-10-2014 14:38

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