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  • Thanks. I'm sorry for losing it on you. I'm on a sensible moment and I'm not a fan of that sort of posts on me (not that I cant take trolling, just cant tolerate that kind). Anyway apologies accepted and hope you have a nice day :).
    Not really.

    He has some good verses here and there, but the stuff he's most revered:-)lol:) for(his early work) is not my cup of tea.
    I was gonna check back and see if you enjoyed it.

    Good. His voice is great, although he's notably quite forgetful at live shows... oh well.

    I still Party and the Afterparty is the best song, but each to his own. :)

    Glad you enjoyed it.
    I'd check out all of his music. Pretty much, his three mixtapes on their own are more gritty as they're not mastered that well, but the Trilogy(compilation of all mixtapes and new songs inc. some changes like samples and mastering) is mastered perfectly.

    I'd listen to House of Balloons - only songs I don't like are Wicked Games(which I liked at first, but heard too much) and Coming Down(which never sounded that great, but it improves the more I hear it - first.

    Then Thursday - Life of the Party is generally regarded as his worst song of all time, but otherwise the tape is good - next.

    And Echoes of Silence third, which is very good.

    Pretty much.

    Just get Trilogy and listen stop at the end of each new song. That'll stop it from becoming boring.

    Purely because all of his songs tend to blur together and The Trilogy goes on for like 2 1/2 hours...

    His best song, imo, is The Party and The After Party. That's one of my favourites songs of all time, tbh. Just soo... perfect.
    Does the action replay trick (for poke black and white) only worked for nds emulator on pc? No idea about how to implement it on nds console.

    I'm currently playing pokemon platinum :lol:
    Well, I didn't really grow to like Section.80 until like... almost a year after it came out.

    I do like GKMC straight away, though..

    So it's difficult and I don't think it's fair to judge atm.

    I probably would prefer to listen to Section.80 all the way through, but GKMC is damn close. Plus, I think S.80 has like sentimental meanings attached after I used it as my cycling song. :lol:
    Nah I think Compton fits the story better. The Recipe is more of an anthem while Compton fits into the whole "Yeah I'm from here" thing.

    And Drake's always that good. You just been hating. :o
    I was on Kanyetothe when it leaked, ya bish?

    It's great. So much emotion and those damn phone convos! :eek:

    Samidot nearly made me tear up on first listen. Drake killed Poetic Justice :o And Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe is perfect.

    Great album.
    Accounting? Hmmm.. I dunno. It's definitely not picked often in England. I didn't even know it was a possible A-Level, for example. You probably should have done Maths. Economics is just better Business and Maths is one of the best possible things you can do at A-Level for University applications.

    Hmm I guess. I like England and its cities. Of course, I do. :D

    The weather is odd. It's absolutely fucking horrible at the moment. Not that cold, but it rains for like 5 minutes and in that time it's like 5 millimetres of rain... which is quite a lot for here. And that happens pretty much every day atm. We'll probably have atleast one more warm few days this year, though.
    Good luck. You are doing kind of niche subjects apart from Economics, though. Like, A*A*A in Business, Statistics and IT may struggle to get you a great place at a Uni here, whereas an AAA in History, English and Maths or whatever would be much better. Alas, you're still doing very well and I wish you the best of luck. :)

    Scholarships are fair enough. 33k is kinda huge. Lucky I live here already.

    Nah England is great. I don't know why it would be considered boring...

    Hmmm, I don't know what to say about that. I don't know what you're like.
    Haha I don't even know if I'm gonna apply to Nottingham.

    It's one of the fabled AAB universities here, but I don't know about nightlife and the actual course... Something which I really should investigate. :D

    Anyway, you should still use the exchange program to come to England. Nothing beats England.
    I like Bliss. Higher - that descending note on the piano got damn! - is probably my favourite though.

    Nottingham is good. Thought of applying there, myself. :lol: so fuck off. I'm kidding, but huge lol if we both go there.

    It's like a top 15(Around 11 iirc) Uni, if I remember correctly. It's behind like Oxbridge and the London ones(UCL, Imperial, Kings) and Edinburgh&St Andrews, but around the same level as the ones after(Exeter, Bristol, Manchester) etc. Warwick is bit better, but straddles the lines. Nottingham is very good, though.

    I'm probably gonna apply to Warwick, Bristol, Exeter and some others... perhaps Nottingham.

    So feel blessed that we may cross paths at one point or another. :D
    I finally listened to Cruel Summer properly. I actually think it's quite good. What do you think?

    I understand we haven't talked in a long time, because we "were in an argument"/ Pedro. But no point to stop conversing foreevzz
    A in history. C in English(expected, bombed the coursework and prediction will still be a B I think which I'm happy with). C in psychology(I am not happy about that. Must have imploded during the exam... expected like an A or high B... everyone else did badly too). U in Physics... which I knew was going to happen.

    It's mixed for me. A in history is good, especially because one of the exams was "Shoehorn as many words which are on the spec. into it and hope for the best" and I got 90% or A* equivalent in that... Psychology was not good... It'll be remarked but it's odd... like I even counted through the marks myself and was unduly harsh and gave myself still a B... then I got a C overall? Meh.. can't do anything else now but hope for the best and maybe resit.

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